here goes nothing..

so it took a lot for me to make a blog about everything & anything to do about me from early pregnancy till I decide when to stop doing it, might be in like a weeks time when I get bored of it (like I do with most website blogs & diaries) or it might be still going when baby is 20 years of age, we will see one day.

want me to get you up to speed? Alrighty then.. so we found out we were pregnant on the 14th of February, yep you’re right, that’s valentines day. What an amazing present. I can remember that day like the back of my hand. But I won’t bore you will every single detail. Tom came home saying “wait a min I’m gonna have to go in the toilet for a min to sort something out” I was like “what you on about?” (but I could hear rustling of flowers in their rappings) I told him quickly “before you rush off, come in here for a min (here was in the bedroom by the way) I have something to show you” so he comes in, and I held up a pregnancy test (which I already did five minutes beforehand) and I said “you look first” like a typical man he didn’t know what he was looking for! But he said “by the looks of your face its good news” (he knows me to well, he knew I already had a look) and I said “yep” jumped up, stood on the bed and wrapped my leg around him and hugged him. That was the moment we found out.

Now on to what he was hiding from me (even though this is nothing to do with when we found out, but still the same special day & it was super cute what he brought) he walked in with a gift bag, some prosecco and some red roses! How cute. Obvously I said Thankyou with a massive grin on my face, looked in the gift bag and he had brought me ‘the Sweeney’ (which is a film if you’re wondering) a card, some chocolate & some love heart shaped muffin moulds. Bless him, he seriously thought about everything!

seen as it was valentines day we Obvously need to get takeaway, so we drove to Milton kaynes, and got take away nandos, then drinks from McDonald’s and sat in bobby (toms mini if you was confused) and ate our food. Tom rang stu whilst he was in the car, told him the good news, he was like a kid at Christmas, so giddy.

Then we made our way back to Leighton, we met Glenn, smithy & Callum and hung at tesco and McDonald’s with them for a bit. Told them the good news also.

So all in all it was a good perfect day! I’m gonna wrap this up now as its 2.38am and I need sleep, night all.


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