Hello again, just a short one as yet again it’s late & I’m in bed tired. Today has been up and down, walked down to Tom for his break, it was windy & stupidly cold. Spent his break with him then went into town with his card as I said to him there’s a few bits & bobs in town he could get me for my birthday. Got myself two watches (£5 each, bargain I know!) a bag, some 3/4 joggers and some pretty pink pants with butterfly’s on. Once I had finished I went to bus stop and realised I had to wait like half an hour for the bus, in the freezing cold! Finally got home (at 5;30, buses don’t run often enough so I was home late!) got in my pjs and sat down stairs knitting! The rest of the night was pretty normal really, made Tom his dinner of fish pie, fish fingers and chips (normally his mum makes his dinner but her and lee are in Devon) then sat and watched music channel all night. So that’s basically my day, lovely shopping trip and nice night in but horrible weather! Off to bed now guys, nighttttttttt.


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