I’m sorry..

I’m sorry I haven’t posted since I said I was going for my scan. It went super well actually, made me more at ease about this whole thing, but firstly I wanna revert back to the day night before the scan, Tom told his dada everything, it went surprisingly well, but that’s what we thought anyway. Okay now going back to the day of the scan, I was proper nervous all day, not knowing what to expect. I half thought I would chicken out of it and it wanna go through with it, but its okay I as okay once I saw the baby, my mind set changed straight away, it was amazing! We went to McDonald’s on the way back from the scan, I had a lovely McChicken burger, ahhhh it was lovely. Then we made our way home, when we stepped into the house Lee said “you better watch out as I have told her and she isn’t particularly happy” and the night went on from there from how you can guess it, no need to tell you!


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